Islas Ladrones, PANAMA! - 29.1.2013

Wed 30 Jan 2013 01:11
7:52.146N 82:26.549W
Islas Ladrones, PANAMA!

A very unfamiliar noise woke us up this morning. I couldn't place it at first, but definitely didn't sound very worrying. (On a boat, you get very acquainted with the various normal noises and learn to suspect a malfunction of whatever by the slightest unfamiliar noise). Poking up my head through the hatch over my bed, I found several boobie birds fighting over the best place on our pulpit! With their big swimmer feet, they had troubles staying on the slippery stainless and created quite a riot. Very cute to watch! And when taking pictures, they let me approach up to arms reach. Guess they don't get to see many humans here. The next thing was a big Loggerhead turtle drifting by. Got an idea of how it must be on the Galapagos!

The most amazing blue water invited to for an extended snorkel trip. The visibility was amazing and we saw tons of little reef fish and a small shark along with beautiful rock formations and little corals. However, the big Snappers and Groupers Michael was hoping for stayed in their caves. The only drawback is the tiny stingy creatures in the water which give you a sharp little sting. Still have no idea how they look like or what they are. Maybe some type of jelly fish, or sea lice, or algea... Coming out of the water, it seems to be gone. And for Michael, the lucky man, it also stays like that. However, my hits revive themselves in the evening and then itch for 2-5 days. Very annoying. Tried pretty much everything heard off, to no success. Guess I just have to live with being more sensitive. And it's bearable - most of the times, at least.

Off to the next island, Isla Montuosa!

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