Day 7, and more than 1/3 done! - 13.4.2013, 23:00

Sun 14 Apr 2013 05:14
05:49.110S 105:01.394W
Day 7, and more than 1/3 done!
13.4.2013, 23:00

The day started kind of greyish and coolish, with little wind. Was good for starting repair on the main halyard, though. Tomorrow, Michael will go up the mast and check the fittings and see if there's something chafing on the top, but we already have other ideas and explanations how all this breaking could have happened.
At noon, wind and sun were back and we've been flying the spinnaker ever since. Much smoother ride and will hopefully let me have a better rest tonight, too.

We hadn't caught any fish since the wahoo. Not that we needed more food, anyway, but we always had the hand lines out, anyway, hoping for a tuna. Without much success, though. Til this afternoon! I saw something yellow flashing on the hook and we all thought mahi mahi. And then shared the same confusion, when we saw a big fin - like a shark! Took us a moment til we had figured it out. The little mahi mahi on our hook was being chased by a hammerhead. With the eyes poking out to the far left and right of their head, they hammerheads don't seem to be able to look straight ahead. At least that was our explanation for the crazy zick zack chase through the water. We enjoyed this rare spectacle for a while, til we pulled the mahi mahi on board. It was almost too small to eat, but rather than leave it for the shark, we had it for dinner ourselves.

We've done pretty much 1/3 of the way by this afternoon, yeheey! Kind of depends how you count, direct lines, trip over ground, or trip made through water. However, I decided it's not important enough to figure that out, exactly. The chart plotter shows 1,983 nm to go til waypoint for the Marquesas! Moving along nicely!
Still seems to be an unimaginable long stretch of water we're crossing here. Pretty amazing.

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