Utila, Honduras - West End, Roatan, Honduras (eng) [pics 2] 1.-15.12.2010

Wed 15 Dec 2010 00:11

16:17.6959N, 86:35.8570W

West End, Roatan, Honduras

1. - 15. December 2010


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Following translation was done by Babylon – still improvable, but definitely a great help for the author – and hopefully a good laugh for the reader ;-)


We sailed Utila 12.1.2010 on Roatan. Together with Guanaja include the islands to the Bay Islands of Honduras (Islas Bahia) and are 20-27 nm (nautical miles od. nautical miles) north from the mainland. The first miles around 20nm we had class Wind and were wonderful sailing. Not as high as catamarans sail on Wind and the Wind can not optimal level, however, we could not directly on Roatan approaching the course, but had further to the north. Unfortunately, we constantly changing Wind at the end but a line through the bill. So we could not even cross as geplantn with entering, but after 3 Wendemanoevern abandoned and the motors started. In the bay in West End I then my first Ankermanoever risks! The bay is a long reef quite well protected (you can also see wonderfully on Google Maps, if you go to the Satellitenansicht is!) with sandy surface and Schildkroetengras. Shortly after arrival oeffnete of heaven his locks and it poured from all Kuebeln - this time we were delighted, because in a Bikini/swimwear and lobes have we Andromeda in a short period of sea water from the Ueberfahrt freed and the white Deck and the railings funktelten thereafter in the sun. You need to West End with the Dingy approx. 4min. The luck, we had the engine in Rio Dulce, Guatemala ueberholen and he never let us to Wind, waves and extreme stress. This is a long Sandstrasse places along the coast long and alternating Tauchlaeden, Bars, Restaurants and Souvenir Shops. A true very popular among divers. That is offered in the week that I had a course in Boston where Michael mach. As it is almost the whole time rain,'s eh exceiting under water as ueberm water. However, I have my projects on board a little bit neglected. Firstly, for that divecourses quite a few things theory (and it is good, will acquire me if we certainly feel alone go diving elsewhere). On the other hand, we have a Kakerlakenplage Guatemala. They are well on board when the boat was there for a few months. Zwischendurch we thought we had already passed them all with Borsaeure - but unfortunately not the case. After some involuntary meetings I have decided to go to counterattack and a little was on the Pirsch and some this dreadfully annoying critters found in the morning and in the evening always. Thus I was nearly the entire week with dipping, bass drums and Kakerlagen catch busily. When Michael came back on Saturday 11,12., finally times again the sun and we shined both a little erhohlt ourselves. On the next day ging's then however equivalent further. The eight one half year old Andromeda in Guatemala a new Gelcoat got - and that had to be still gewachst. In the early morning hour and too secondly finished product we fortunately in 2 hours thereby. From Boston Michael bring along gas bombs (Cochroach Combat, the name is program). After we brought all table-ware and LBM in the airy cockpit, we closed all hatches firmly and ignited then 2 doses. According to instruction one is not to enter the area the next two hours, and afterwards then 30 min properly air. As we came back saw we giving - I had hoped with my night Pirschgaengen troubles nearly to have exterminated - however a better were instructed. On the ground was practices numerous small and medium sized Kakerlaken - fortunately on the Ruecken lying. Why they from their Loechern came just now over in full swing to die are veilful me. In any case war's a success and we will once again repeat the procedure for safety's sake in 3 days. If to visit liked to thus come is still cordially invited someone, and can be completely unconcerned - the boat is now crawl animal free! One my Tauchparnter told me that its cousin here as Delphintrainerin (cool!) and one even also with the dolphins snorkels works can! On Sunday afternoon (12,12.) we drove to Anthony's key Resort (http://www.anthonyskey.com/modules/photo_gallery/category/Dolphins), where also the Roatan of institutes is for navy Sciences. And that was really a unique experience! I am with sowas always quite zwiegespalten, but the 27 dolphins seem to probably fuehlen itself in their large enclosed bay. They get each day of everyone (!) 27 Pound fish (practice from the USA and Canada one imports!) and each day are trained and employed. The dolphins love it with one another and with humans to play and return thus even after its free courses in the open sea voluntarily again. After a Trainierin our small group in the water by the living example much practice dolphins explained and showed, we could swim then 30min with them. And that was really great. It came who wanted and looked either only times briefly past or remained also a little longer. The trainier had told us that they loved it to play and if one which from the ground waives arrive curious, looks, and to play to want. Thus we had very much enjoyed terribly fun and joy and to have this unique experience.


In the meantime Wednesday is, 15.12. Madly blown (20-25 knots) and it even Kiteboarden knew the last 2 days hat's to the joy Michaels. Today skies and sea have themselves again calmed down and from time to time lukt the sun again out. Ideal, in order mean to lock weather dipping course! Heut afternoon want we after Coxen get, I must once again to the dentist and we must auschecken, so that we can far after Belize sails. As soon as the wind stands well continues it, probably tomorrow or for Friday. Where we Christmas and New Year's Eve to be will not know we yet exactly. On 20 January Michael must once again after Boston, and we want the boat wenn's go in a Marina into Cancun or Isla Mujeres (small pre-aged island) in Mexico leaving. To it soll's to Cuba and Cayman Iceland continue to go - so far the rough plan so far.


Merry Christmas to all of you!

Have a wonderful time and a Happy New Year!


Lots of love


Iris & Michael



Bay of West End, Roatan, with our neighbour, SV Hooligan

Finally lovely sunset after days of rain



Kuesschen, Kuesschen – jaaa, ist schon sehr gestellt, aber doch trotzdem ganz niedlich, oder…?




Mikel in Action




Mit Amy aus den USA und Tauchlehrer Juan aus Argentinien

Blutroter Juwelenbarsch (Grouper/Graysby) – danke fuer das Buch Joerg!!!

Sollte sich jemand fragen wo denn die blutrote Farbe hin ist – rot ist die erste Farbe, die vom Wasser gefiltert wird…



Frohe Weihnachten!


Merry Christmas!


Feliz Navidad!





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