Isla Montuosa, PA - 29./30.1.2013

Wed 30 Jan 2013 01:11
7:28.471N 82:14.159W
Isla Montuosa, PA

With hardly any wind and very calm sees, we motored/motorsailed the 25nm. Could day for some projects and catching up with sleep from the previous night. Also finally got to start my food experiments for preparation of the Pacific crossing. Apparently, dried fruits and veggies are fairly easy to make and the healthiest way to preserve them (even better than deep freezing, and way better than pickeling or canned). So I covered the deck with slices of tomatoes and mashed avocado. As soon as the bananas are ripening (we had gotten about 35 of them for a dollar, at the former banana port Golfito!), they are next. Already can report that our wax paper is definitely the sort that is not apt for this process, as the wax passes through the paper and mingles with the food.. Shame about the sacrificed avocado ;-(

We caught 5 (five!) fish on this trip. Unfortunately all of this not very tasty skipjack/Mexican bonito kind, and we let them go. As this is no fun, neither for us nor them, we gave up and pulled the lines in. Fortunately, Michael speared a nice big parrot fish, so we'll have some cevice for dinner.

6 PM and almost dark now, and still 2 miles to go. Fortunately, the anchorage is nice mellow sandy bottom, so should be no problem to anchor safely, even if the moon won't be up yet.

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