Megayachts and Naughty Vegetables, Port Denarau, Fiji [pics]

Thu 2 Jul 2015 23:00



17:46.353S 177:22.894E

28. June - 3. July 2015

Port Denarau Marina, Fiji


We came for a few minor repairs and some major shopping - but soon found the To-Do-List getting longer than shorter!

Fortunately, there are good professional people around the boatyard and we had saltwater pump and manifold of generator serviced and partly rewelded - finally a construction site we could close up. And some other boring things.


We thought the dinghy doctor could help us find/repair the leak. In the end, we had to do it ourselves, finally found the little hole and repaired it.

Only to find out there most be another leek; we don't have to pump up the dinghy every day anymore - but every other day!


Seems to have been a good week for repairs though, as it was pretty windy and pretty cold most of the days. Down to 14 deg C at night!

Mind you, winter here is sometimes still a lot better than summer in Germany



Port Denarau's view from the mooring field


- almost romantic at a windstill sunrise!

Then in working on her in the slip - there she is, all shiny and clean!

Quite a popular port for mega yachts, too!

   Good way to find a leak inside - fill it up with water!


One of Ally's favourite jokes:

What's the worst vegetable to have on a boat…?

(… a leek! - So happy I found it! J)





Great thing about the port:

They've got quite a variety of really good restaurants.
And nice place to hook up with friends.






Left: Happy to be out of the port again!
And ready for a party at Cloud 9 Bar