Pics!Baie Hanamoenoa + Baie Hanateio, Isle Tahuata - 30.4. – 6.5.2013 - (deu/eng)

Sun 5 May 2013 10:47



09:59.215S 139:06.202W

30.4. – 6.5.2013

Baie Hanamoenoa + Baie Hanateio, Isle Tahuata

Isles Marquises, French Polynesia


Aaaargh, mir laeuft die Zeit davon! Ist schon nach Mitternacht, und muessen Morgen frueh noch einiges erledigen, bevor es weitergeht. Deswegen lass ich jetzt einfach mal die Bilder sprechen:


Uh, oh, as so often, I’m running out of time. It’s past midnight now, and we still have to take care of various things before heading off tomorrow morning. But the pictures speak pretty much for themselves:


Approaching Tahuata from the North end, bathed in a dramatic light.

Die Nordkueste Tahuatas empfaengt uns mit einem spektakulaerem Blick.

A lovely white sand beach, blue water – paradise!

Einer der wenigen weissen Straende (meist nur Steilkueste) und blaues Wasser – perfekt zum Entspannen!

 I love the painting on the wooden board on the stern!

Klasse Bild auf der Kinderabsperrung.


The artist and her daughter, who most likely will be able to swim with 2 and a half years.

Die Kuenstlerin mit Toechterchen – die wird mit 2 einhalb schon Schwimmen koennen.

The reason both her children are blond is the Scandinavian father.

Die blonden Locken haben die Kinder vom schwed. Vater – koennten auch meine sein – oder?!?

But no matter how beautiful the surrounding, there’s always work to do. I spent almost 2 entire days on fixing this spinnaker sock.

Ja, und nicht immer ist alles paradiesisch. 2 Tage sass ich wirklich so ziemlich von morgens bis ins Dunkel am Naehen – immer mit Erfolg!

After 4 days, we moved to a bay of the Southern coast of Tahuata – mainly because the wind died on the way to Fatu Hiva. Again, with a breathtaking coastline. However, it looks more idyllic than it really is: The beach is almost non existend and very steep with black sand. On the boat and ashore, we get attacked by hundreds of little flies – surely attracted by the numerous cow, horse and goat poo on the pasture. And the water in the bay is rather murky and full of little stingy things. So after a couple of hours, we moved half a mile further west, out of the bay. A bit rolly, as less protected, but we were most pleasantly surprised with a beautiful underwater world with reef fish, big stone heads and deep canyons. I even saw an octopus (my first!) and some turtles!

It was well worthwile the stop!