Yet another Night Shift Shift - 20.4.2013, 0400 - 937nm to go

Sat 20 Apr 2013 15:09
07:34.672S 122:24.435W
Yet another Night Shift Shift
20.4.2013, 0400
937nm to go

nights passing
and stars shining
we're sailing

fish flying
and shifts shifting
we're coming

we've got the spinnaker up and are flying
over the waves and the seas towards the destination

islands marquesas, we're two thirds there!

(the beginning can be hummed to Coldplay: Don't Panic (We Live in a Beautiful World, then lost patience matching the words with the tune....)

Every four nights we shift. And today is already the 13th night, our 4th shifting circle starts, that means I'm now on the 0230-0500 shift. Actually nice, because I got to sleep about 5 hours during the night. Yeah, we started adapting our boat's clocks with our westward movement. Now it get's dark at 7, dinner and show at 8, to bed at around 0930/1000 - that's how the usual evening looks like!
The days are still busy with lots of stuff and I hardly ever get to fit in all my personal projects (1.5hrs Egoscue exercises for my back, min 1/2 guitar and min 1/2 French class).
Almost every day, there's something. And also the shift live and the constant moving of the boat (sometimes more, and like now, sometimes a bit less and more of a smooth ride) makes one a bit lethargic.
Michael and I rediscovered Backgammon (fortunately our game has little magnetic stones) and it brings a new thrill - especially when we are playing for massages. Of coures, Michael's in the lead :-)

This morning. in between some squalls, we got the older, smaller spinnaker out of the bag. Took a while to get it all set up, but in the afternoon, wind was back and it's been flying nicely since! We're very grateful for every smooth and problem less night (and day!). Well, smooth is relative, Stevie hasn't been feeling to well today. The moving and rocking and rolling, sometimes more, sometimes less, does make it hard to read or even write on the computer.

But if the conditions would stay like this, and especially, if we don't have to slow down to fix anything we could be there in 5-6 days!
Good to know your goals :-)

I think I'll make pancakes tomorrow morning. We haven't had that yet, and always nice to have a little culinary variation.

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