Puerto Aventuras Marina, MX (eng) 6.1.2011

Fri 7 Jan 2011 03:57
20:29.96N, 87:13.44W
Punta Fatima, Puerto Aventuras Marina, Mexico
6. January 2011

What a contrast! We left Tulum in the morning, the little wind of 6 knots was coming from the South - and we were heading North. With our boat speed being about the same the apparent wind was ZERO. A bit bizarre… Fortunately, after 2 hours motoring the wind direction changed a bit so we sailed the second half of the trip with the screecher with lazy 4 knots.
We only came here cause the guide said we could check in (immigration, customs, etc.). But here they told us we better go to Cozumel, cause they only do it with an agent who has to get an immigration officer from Playa del Carmen - with a cost of about USD 500!
So tomorrow we're off to Cozumel - which is fine, this place here is like a huge artificial village with loads of bungalows, condos, restaurants, bars and tourist shops. And a huge party daytrip catamaran right next to us!
The passengers are definitely having fun!
So we're better off to find a good Margarita ourselves.

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