Coba, Mayan Ruins, MX 27.2.2011 (eng) [pics]

Sun 27 Feb 2011 12:00

20:29.67N, 87:52.56W

Coba, Mexico



Craig and Bonnie really wanted to see some ruins and I was more than happy to join them. So we had rented the car for three days in order to also explore a bit ashore.
Tulum was nice, but Michael decided that that was enough ruins that had to be seen, and for Ally it would have been rather boring anyway, so we three took off on our own.

First stops of the two hours drive were 2 huge super markets in Playa del Carmen. By the time we got to Tulum and were we had to turn off the Highway into the country it was about lunch time.

So I took them to a local restaurant we had discovered when anchored in Tulum: simple, good and fast.

Coba is really 4 differenet sites which are best to be explored by bicycle – which we did.

It’s settled in a sort of jungle which gives it a really ancient feeling.


“El Camello” restaurant in Tulum


walking up the big pyramid of Coba