Hamburg, Warder, Travemünde, Germany [pics] (eng)

Mon 27 Oct 2014 21:55

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Michael's Newsletter

Hamburg - Warder - Travemünde, Germany

12. September - 30. October 2014


Since we arrived in Hamburg September 12 it’s been a lovely and fairly relaxing time, except for the first three days.

Iris planned a big birthday party at her parents’ on Saturday, the day after I arrived. And another party for the extended family on Sunday!

Iris admits she was a little overenthusiastic in her planning. Between my jetlag and her cold we were, again, both completely wiped out!

We’re here for 6 weeks which is plenty of time to see Iris’ family and friends in a relaxed manner

I’ve also had time to see my Physio a couple times a week and do all the prescribed exercises, and take a walk or bike ride almost every day.

It’s all having a positive effect and my back is steadily improving.

Iris b-day party at her parents’ house. They went to the Baltic Coast.


Good luck my birthday Oct 4 coincided with party Claudia and friend planned.

Bicycling along the Elbe river and perfect spot for a picnic at the river side. Record warmth for this time of the year Oct 19.. Top right nice day and good winds sailing on the Elba with Amad and Claudia.

Iris with her parents in Travemünde.


Great the weather has been uncharacteristically sunny and warm. We’re just now starting to have a few rainy and cool days.

Makes me look forward to Spain. I have always wanted to go but have never been, so I am very much looking forward to the trip,

especially since now my Spanish is good enough that I don’t feel like a typical tourist.

Great b-day dinner at sushi restaurant.

On the flagbunker in Wilhelmsburg with a great view to the city center on the other side of the Elbe river and Hamburg’s new somewhat controversial landmark, the opera house (Elbphilharmonie).


After 3 weeks in Spain we’ll come back to Hamburg for a week and then off to Cape Town for 3 months end of November.


Iris and I are very much looking forward to spending time with Ally again as well as other friends in SA.

Then off to NZ for a month to visit south island, which we missed, and then back to Fiji the end of March.

After cruising some of the other island groups, we would like to go to New Caledonia and Vanuatu.


Hopefully some of you can find time to come visit along the way.

Beautiful places, well worth the trip!


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