Marina Siguanea (eng) 4.8.2011

Fri 8 Apr 2011 19:56
21.37.9840N 82.59.4160W
Marina Siguanea, Isla Juventud, Cuba

We only had about 27nm to go and really would have liked to stay another night anchoring off Cayo de los Indios. However, we started to get a nice breeze from NE, so took the chance sailed for a few miles. Unfortunately, the wind died again after a while, to pretty much no wind, so we just anchored off the south of the Cay. Funny enough, after another hour, the wind came back, this time from the S/SE, so we could advance a little bit further, but again had to stop in the middle of nowhere when it died. Fortunately, this bay, though huge, is very, very shallow and you can anchor almost anywhere.
Today we motored the last 5nm to the shore as the wind was coming directly from ahead. We anchored off the nice hotel and wanted to go to the marina only on Sunday to leave Andromeda there to fly to Havanna. However, when we got to the beach, a friendly guy (apparently works in animation at the hotel) told us we are not allowed ashore and first have to check in with the Guarda Frontera (Coast Guard) at the marina. So we dingied the 2km there and learned that we have to move our anchorage right in front of the entrance of the marina so they can see us (for security reasons apparently). Also, if we want to go to the hotel, we have to dingie to the marina and walk the 2km there - again, for security reasons, we are not allowed to leave the dingy on the beach alone. Wonder for whom's security though.
Anyway, lucky enough, we are allowed to bring the kiteboard stuff ashore and launch the kite there, as long as I stay with the dingy (not good practicing place for me, anyway).
Different here, with so many regulations and limitations, but that was to be expected. And we must say that everybody here is extremely nice, especially the two coast guards who came aboard to check that everything is in order and took their black boots off, still in the dingy.
We plan on leaving Andromeda here for a week or two while we go to Havana for Michael's ear and to explore Cuba on land.
Hope we get a flight on Sunday - and a transport to the 30m away airport in the north in Nueva Gerona. According to friends who've just been here not always easy :-)
Apparently, if you want to work on your patience, this is the place to be, the Cuban people are masters of that.

Off to the hotel now, fortunately, it's a bit cloudy and windy so the hike won't be too bad!

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