Pavones, CR - 27./28.1.2013

Mon 28 Jan 2013 20:02
8:23.936N 83:08.255W
Pavones, CR 

In Golfito, we did the hike the cruiser's guide suggested, up to the ridge where the telcom towers are. What the guide didn't say, is that it takes about 4 hours - without breaks!
Anyway, was certainly worth it, beautiful lush jungle, heard a lot of birds and animals and saw a few, too. 

Spent a night at Pavones, one of the longest left surf breaks in the world - if there's surf. 
We had a little fun in the waves and then spent the rest of the afternoon with projects. 
The last torrential rainfalls enabled us to find some leakages: One around the only 2-year old big forward window in the salon, the other at the stantion, letting water drip in really slowly inbetween the wall and the wood panelof the aft cabin. The panel already looks pretty bad and will need some replacement, soon. At least we could fix the leakages, which was a major project. 
Afterwards, we both were pretty exhausted and suffered from severe back and knee pain. 

So no surfing this morning. Set sail around noon, direction Panama!

The wind is pretty much on the nose, but hopefully will do as forecasted and shift in a few hours.