Bahia Potrero Grande/Ollies Point, Costa Rica, 22.5.2012

Wed 23 May 2012 22:19
10:51.045N 85:47.716S
Bahia Potrero Grande/Ollies Point, Costa Rica
22. Mai 2012

We really enjoyed the three nights at the calm anchorage in Tamarindo, even went ashore twice for party and dinner.
Just a little bit inconvenient having to swim ashore at night and bring clothes, water and towel to get ready ashore. Since water and air are nice and warm still kind of entertaining. But definitely gotta get some wheels for dingy to beach her.
Even had a few nice hours in the surf. Swell was low, so not too much strain on Michael's back and great for me getting more acquainted with the boogie board - it's getting to become real fun!
But gotta move on, so went to another famous surf spot 36nm further north.
By the way, named after Oliver North, who smuggled weapons to the Nicaraguan Contras in this aerea (it's really close to the Nicaraguan border).

Swell is really low so we anchored pretty much off the surf break. After touristy Tamarindo it's also nice to be totally alone again. There's no road here and the only sound is the gently breaking waves and the sea birds ashore. Lovely.

Caught a Mahi Mahi underway, so'll have fresh fish for dinner.

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