Hello Pacific! 28.3.2012, 1:40hrs

Wed 28 Mar 2012 10:22
8:54.548N 79:31.785W
Anchorage Las Playitas
Panama City

We safely arrived to the Pacific!
The pilot came aboard at the Colon flats at about 15:30 on Tuesday, March 27.
We formed a 'nest' with 2 mono hulls, with Andromeda in the middle. Like this, we went through all three locks.
Being in the middle of the nest gives the advantage for the line handlers being out of work and we could really enjoy the impressive procedures.
The only person who had to work on Andromeda was poor Michael, because he had to drive the entire pack of the three boats from lock to lock.
We still had a little bit of daylight and enjoyed the first hour in the lake.

All went well and we arrived tired but happy on the Pacific sides.

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