Birthday Party in French Polynesia

Sun 8 Sep 2013 23:45

      16:49.700S 153:55.589W


Mopelia Atoll, French Polynesia


*** -Birthday Party! -***


Gabriel & Isabella, had become friendly with the local people and we were invited to use their community house for our dual birthday party. Many cruisers came, the locals Norma + Hina had prepared amazing coconut crab, lobster and mahi-mahi poisson cru, we must have had about 5 birthday cakes and lots of lovely salad. The buffet was followed by a Polynesian-English jamming session with guitar and ukulele. The group started thinning out around 9pm, however, Isabella and I didn’t want our party to end and kept dancing til midnight. A very lovely and memorable birthday surprise party!


The people from Maupiti have some communal flats on Mopelia atoll where

they come for several weeks for copra and pearl farming.

Hina and Norma having fun.