2 Bays North of San Juan del Sur, NI - 5./6.12.2012 - (eng)

Thu 6 Dec 2012 15:30
11:16.61N 85:54.196W
2 Bays North of San Juan del Sur, NI

On the 5th, we had another kind of restless night. It had started out so calm and promising, but got very bumpy around 3am.
We had a good long swim to the beach and back and quickly checked out the bay with a resort, a beach bar and a restaurant.
A 3-hour sail took us a bit closer to San Juan del Sur, where we want to check in today and get groceries and maybe a eat out!
Would be nice after almost 2 weeks on the sea..
Did I already mention the pretty big and pretty expensive looking mansions at this stretch of the coast? Surely they're not all hotels and resorts.
Very impressive.
The wind has been very much up and down and swirling around. Anything from 5 - 20 knots, and just with the Gennie, we sometimes made up to 8 knots! (and sometimes barely 3).

Saw trail ashore and a sign "El Toro de Mixcal" Private Wildlife Reserve.

Will check that out and then go to San Juan dS.
Will take the kayak this time to go ashore, though.
Ran into some very stingy jellyfish stuff this morning.

Ach ja, und fuer die deutschen Leser: Heut is ja Nikolausi!! :-)
Macht gar keinen Spass so ganz alleine...
Michael zaehlt da nicht, denn der kennt so was nicht, und seine Begeisterung wuerde sich sicher auch in Grenzen halten. Ausserdem passen in Flip Flops eh nicht viele Nuesse und Suesses. Man koennte allerdings eine Kokosnuss auf einem plazieren... .

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