Easter at Cayo Campos (eng) 24./25.4.2011

Mon 25 Apr 2011 22:09
21:33.1766N 82:20.4831W
Cayo Campos

When the easterly wind went down a bit in the afternoon we left Cayo Matias and continued our way west.
The southern access to Cayo Campos looked very tricky on the charts but Michael navigated us carefully really close the western part of the island and we are anchored again in beautiful blue water with some nice little coral heads. It was a relaxed short motoring trip (6nm) and Michael caught 4 fish along the shallow corally way: 2 Barracudas, a Mackerel and something big that broke the line before he could see it. We released the Barracudas because they might have Ciguatera, a fish poison and the Mackerel because we still have a lot of Grouper left and that's much nicer.
The island is inhabited by 4 park rangers that live a the "Microestacion Biologica". They brought some cute little monkeys to the island which all come to the station for feeding-very cute.
They also cleared out some of the mangroves and planted beautiful palm trees, which looks so much nicer than the mangrove dschungel.
We could trade some rum for lobster tales and coconuts and I'm happy that Michael does not have to send me again to catch some myself. Still no diving for him...
Though we anchored 0.7nm off the island, the mosquitos still found there way to our boat at dawn and after half an hour we gave up and spent the evening inside - rather annoying.
Wind is blowing pretty nicely again, so in the abscence of good beaches to launch a kite, Michael is giving it a try out his surfboard. Seems the wind good be a bit better, but seems to be having fun.

Today or tomorrow we'll move on to Cayo del Rosario.

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