Sailing to Cayos de los Indios (eng) 6.4.2011

Thu 7 Apr 2011 03:08
21.48.0631N 83.12.8742W
Cayos los Indios, Cuba

We had a fairly good night at our anchorage at Cayo Real. In these situations, a catamaran is especially wonderful, cause in a mono hull it definitely would have been awfully rolly.
However, in the morning, the anchorage didn't look so nice anymore. The water was dark green with lots of particles, sight maximum 1 foot, and the ground was hard coral with some grass and other little stuff on it but hardly any fish and no corals. The coast looked also pretty boring, full of mangroves and the wind was good, so we left even before breakfast. The idea was to check out the other cayes of this group, but the wind took us all the way down to Cayos los Indios - and I don't think we have missed a lot.

Here, the water is also pretty green but with lots of sandy patches inbetween - and many lobster!
We anchored further off shore (about 1km) to make sure no bugs will bug me this night (but as I'm writing I must say - it's not working..... grmpf).

Wanted to have a look ashore and found a little cut to the other side so took the dinghy on this lovely little tour. That seems to be the only nice thing about the keys. Apart from that just a ton more mangroves, slimy slicky soil and lots of bugs. Animal paradise, but not so appealing for mankind.
So if the wind is good, we'll go to Isla de la Juventud tomorrow.

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