Pics! 19 Days and 3000 nautical mil es across the Pacific - 7.–26. April 2013

Fri 26 Apr 2013 10:38



09:35.130S  138:15.110W

7.–26. April 2013 – Part 1

Pics Passage 3.000 nautical miles from Galapagos to Isles Marquises, French Polynesia


Well – I had fallen behind with my pictures, and now, this is the 4th blog entry in one day. Would rather go to bed, but since we won’t have internet for quite a while,

I decided to finish this quickly and once again let the pictures speak more or less for themselves!


Just the sky and the ocean for 19 days – but elements shape every day into a very different mood.
















Some repairs under way. Each of us has been up the mast several times.


Barely visible, huggin the mast, is Jackie, hanging on when a big wave comes.

Things inside also need some attention – Michael fixing some electrical connections.


And often there’s some time to practice guitar playing, for some exercises, or game of backgammon.