Pics! Bora Bora, Society Islands, French Polynesia - 27. 7. - 5.8.2013

Thu 8 Aug 2013 11:23



16:32.25S 151:44.74W

27.7. – 5.8.2013

Bora Bora, Society Islands, French Polynesia


I can’t believe I’ve already been back on Andromeda for more than two weeks! So the weather in Hamburg seems to be better than here (what an exception!), it’s great to be back, and in between windy, gray and rainy days, there are also plenty sunny ones. And the projects and work list never seem to diminish nevertheless.

Too much to do, and too little time, as a friend of Michael once put it very right! This newsletter has been composed during the midnight hours, as the days just fly by far too fast. But I’ve been wanting to update our blog for a long time. So for our German speaking people:

Sorry, dass das mal wieder nur auf Englisch ist, aber die Bilder sprechen ja wenigstens ganz gut fuer sich!



Coming through the pass in the outer coral ring in the West of the atoll, with Mount Pic Mataihua (314m) ahead and the point of island Toopua to the right.

The first night, we anchored at the NW of Toopua, with Mt. Mataihua lit by the evening sun in front of the last rain clouds. After 3 very windy, grey, coolish and often rainy days, we were happy to once more find crystal blue shallow water and beautiful beaches and palm trees ashore.

The next morning we went around the Southern tip and found a nice spot for kiting:

Michael at Pt. Raiti. We anchored right off the beach of the ‘former’ Hotel Bora Bora. It used to be one of the most popular spots, with one of the few sandy beaches on this island, but has been under renovation (so they say) for four years. But not much happening ashore. Apparently, the American owner doesn’t have enough funds for the renovation. Tourims has been very slow here, too, over the last year. Causing the industry to struggle and many locals being unemployed.

On our last night, before returning to Raiatea, anchored off Motu (= polynesian for little island on the coral reef) Tapu, another beautiful view of Mt. Mataihua.

 Kiting at Point Raititi/Point Matira – the water is amazing!

Most of the time, we spent here. We had great neighbours, a very nice and very funny couple from Australia (though originally both South African). We went diving together and had a faboulous dinner at a stylish beach restaurant and also aboard.

When the wind was strong, it created such a strong current it was hard work no to get washed away from Andromeda. Often, it is fairly windy here, and we had several grey and rainy days. One morning though we woke up from the stillness due to missing wind and waves0 and were mesmerized by the mirror like water and peaceful calm that had settled in.

The water was soooo clear, you don’t even need to get into the water to watch the fish – this pic is taken off our bow!

A place where South Pacific posters are made! Apart from the fact that we are anchored next to the jetski and motor boat runway arount the island, it is truly a paradise here.

The fish here are so used to be feed by the dive and snorkel master, you only need to rub your fingers and they all come swarming towards you!

The next day, I went for a little dive with our neighbours – and they came well prepared: three bags of leftover spaghettis and 4 tins of sardines! We were surrounded by many excited little reef fish – and spagehtti! Very funny scene. And then we found a big hungry morray eel. I’ve never seen such a big one and certainly would not bring my hand so close to his hungry mouth.

However, James wasn’t afraid at all and Magda stayed close to get it all on video –

I kept my safe distance and watched the spectacle from the background… J

Some impressions from the main settlement, Vaitape. We mainly came here to check out in the Gendarmerie and get Michael’s money for the bond (in the value of a plane ticket) back from the bank. It took almost an entire morning, but finally, we made it. Also good place to stock up and before we’ll leave French Polynesia, will come back here to get some fuel, too.

Usually, we should leave soon after checking out. However, Michael’s back, which had slowly been progressing, had a fall back, so he wanted to see the osteopath again. We heard of several cruisers staying a while longer. And if a customs boat comes and asks us to leave, no problem. Just would have been very inconvenient if that would have happened while I’m in Germany and Michael’s alone on the boat!

The missionaries have been very successful and there are plenty churches on all the islands:protestans, adventists, catholics, and many more if I’m not mistaken…

So green and lush everywhere! And all people have lots of plants and flowers in their gardens  -and in their  homes, and their hairs – this is a beautiful flower country!