Isla Mujeres, Mexico 29.2.-4.3.2011 (eng) [pics]

Tue 1 Mar 2011 12:00

21:14.76N, 86:44.75W

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

28.2. - 4.3.2011


Fun time with our visitors.



 Mr. Frog’s is cool!


View to the North East of Isla Mujeres



Riding the Whale Shark


How to entertain a little girl during dinner in a restaurant.

Fun & Games at the beach. Unfortunately, the water at the North end is so shallow, that the zoom of the little camera was not good enough to get a decent picture of her playing in the luke warm water. Which she did for hours!


Ally ready for snorkeling! It’s a bit tricky though if one cannot properly swim, yet and has to coordinate hands and fins and concentrate on breathing through the snorkel – and not the nose!
But we did see a few little fish.
Und - Uebung macht ja bekanntlich den Meister
(eng.: Practice makes the master.)






Neat idea: Under the project name MUSA (Museo Subaquatico), the Mexicon government together with many artists drowned 400 statues in the Caribbean  waters around Cancun and Cozumel. Thus to create space for corals to grow and create more space for all the other aquatic flora and fauna.



Enjoying the sunset at the North beach.

Killing two birds with one stone: View from Allys playground, watching her and the sunset at the same time.