It took only 2days in Anatom to make a long lasting impression (eng) [pics]

Sat 26 Sep 2015 11:00



20:14.397S 169:46.271E

24.-26. September 2015

Anatom, Vanuatu


We left Fiji late September and had a very nice sail to New Caledonia with one unplanned stop at the south most island of Vanuatu, Anatom.

The wind died and was forecasted to head us the next day so we changed course and dropped anchor as the sun set.

The one local somewhat official looking guy who came out to meet us, said it’s no problem to stay a few days.

Thought we only stayed for two days, we hugely enjoyed this layover.


The locals were very friendly and we were anchored off a sandy islet with an airstrip close by where the cruise ship people get to stroll around, snorkel in crystal clear water and enjoy sunsets on the beach. On the island itself, walking around the small village was a bit like going back in time.

In the river, the women washed their clothes by hand, the children splashed and played and gave us a curious eye.


  Land in sight, after 3 days and nights sailing. Anatom, Vanuatu.

 As we shall learn later, the locals call it Aneychum, meaningn "Land of Plenty".

  Little islet with airstrip and well groomed paths (and two little toilet houses!)

  for the cruise ship guests.

 The locals ashore don't seem to take much notice of us…

 We mainly exchanged little nods and hand waves.

 Felt a little bit like going back in time a couple of hundred years.

 If it wasn’t for the Reggae music we heard a few times strolling around. But kind of fits in.


We bumped into Roger ('the dodger', as he added himself) who had worked for many years as a dive instructor in the capital Port Vila. He turned out to carry a wealth of information about cruise ships stories, the involvements of the peace corps on the island, the mormons, the 7 day adventists and muslims, Australian investors and hurricane Pam,  a Canadian investor, being pursuit by a Russian with 2 wifes.


He either has a very imaginative mind or the little laid back island holds more stories than one would think.


He also recommended a snorkel on the other side of the airstrip islands - which turned out to be truly lovely.


He wished he was younger and single when the peace corps ladies started coming, many find a local mate, marry and take them home…

We also learned about a pine trees initiative by Australian Aid - the mountains used to be very barren, red earth. They brought project to Anatom, locals planting trees, paying them 900 xy (about 12 US) for a long and hard day work.

But now, they've got a little business exporting trees and for their own use for good construction material.



                      Beautiful little craft. And all man made and recyclable.





And Snoopy the horse that pulls the logs.

One local felt animals shouldn't be abused for work and kept cutting the tires

of the log wagon - until they susted him out and now Snoopy can do his work again.

   Beautiful snorkeling inside the barrier reef with many big reef fish and


   a lonely white tip reef shark. (All hiding here, but another creature got in front of my lense).