Isla Cebaco (eng) 27.4.2012

Fri 27 Apr 2012 17:00

Isla Cebaco

27April 2012


Ensanda Naranjo was lovely.

We had some spectators during our beach yoga in the morning: A group of little white faced monkeys curiously watched us from their high trees. Very cute.

After a good nights sleep after the night sail and a relaxed morning, we took off to explore the shore.

There's a big sandy road, with all kind of trails of domestic animals: Dogs, cows, horses,... After 20 min we came to a little blue cottage with a beautiful flower garden - the land keepers, at it seems.

On our further trail, we startled a herd of cows on the next bay, which after their first puzzlement of seeing some humans took off in a wild gallop across the beach.

This kind of settlement/farm had a lot of fruit trees and we took home a whole back pack full of treasures (sour oranges, guavas, and-mangos! yummy).


Back on Andromeda, a breeze had started blowing and we took advantage of it to continue on our way west.

The waters here seem to be abundant with marine life. Though we didn't catch a fish, we saw stingrays doing summer saults (5 in a row!) and twice a school of huge big dark dolphins accompanying us for quite a while. Beautiful.


Towards the evening, we found a good holding in front of a little settlement called Plantanal (= banana plantation) on the North shore of Isla Cebaco.

Let's see if we can get some bananas and plantains tomorrow!