Sudbury Reef 14.-16. November (eng) [pics]

Thu 16 Nov 2017 13:02
16:56.980S 146:8.935E
Sudbury Reef, Queensland, Australia

We decided to leave lovely Normandy Island after 5 days. Though there was always some wind (and the anchorage sometimes more, sometimes less bumpy) it was often just not enough and we only had one day kiting. But that was a fantastic one. 

Wind went down more and we thought we’d try one more reef, this time we were sure that that one has a Cay, and it’s only 16nm away!
Had a beautiful fast spinnaker run and were surprised when we go there and found - wind!
Not much, but enough for a little kiting. And the absolutely gorgeous background made it a fantastic day. 

The next day, we even had a bit more wind and could safely both go kiting at the same time. 

When a dive tour operator pulled in I seized my chance and enquired for any possibilities to buy leftover fruit or veggies, as our stocks of same is running very, very low. 

To my surprise, the very friendly skipper gave us bags of cole slaw and potato salad and bread! That should last us at least another week! If we don’t get sick of it before. We can always alternate with pasta and tomato sauce and pumpkin soup. 
Anyway, now we can hang out a bit more before heading to Cairns. 

And today, a super friendly young couple + friend that just came for a few hours from Cairns gave us blueberries and strawberries - what a treat!!
Thank, thank you, thank you mates!!! :-)

No calm quiet night tonight either, but it’s so beautiful, I’ll just have to manage a few more days bumpiness.