Puerto Morelos 8.2.-22.2.2011 (eng) [pics]

Tue 22 Feb 2011 03:39

20:49.79N, 86:53.42W

El Cid Marina, Puerto Morelos, Mexico


I must say, I've been feeling pretty sick the last 3 days and don't feel like writing too much. Also, not too much has happened since we returned to the boat 2 weeks ago.  
A lot of catching up, getting her ready to sail again, usual maintenance...  
However, we are next to this lovely all inclusive resort and a beautiful beach, so after the first 5 rainy days, we are enjoying the summer and the facilities, also.  
Michael even got a few kite boarding sessions in, and I had my first lesson :-) Next time, he will anchor me to the beach, so he won't get dragged face down on the beach again, holding on to my harness and prevent my from doing exactly that. That'll be definetely interesting.

Apart from my annoying exhausting cold, is Michael facing a worse problem - another hole in the ear. The doctor was pretty serious about it, so 3 weeks no watercontact, whatsoever. Very bad, and almost impossible, if you know Michael.

Anyway, we'r receiving some visitors on Friday who bring his daughter along, too, so hopefully I'll be better by then and we'll have a great week!

So here some pics from around here – if it makes you feel any better: of course I didn’t take any of the grey and rainy days!


El Cid Marina, Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Cruiser’s Happy Hour with live country music

We’re positive that Ally will enjoy it here very much!

They do have a lot of beach here.

Looking down to “Now Jade Resort” and somewhere to the South must be Playa del Carmen.

Happy Valentine’s Dinner

At the Chinese in Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos Main Plaza and Church at night

Live band at “Taco Avenue”

Fun evening with Jennifer and Marc (hope we remembered the names correctly  ;-) )