We're here! - 26.4.2013, 0730h (1530utc)

Sat 27 Apr 2013 04:25
09:48.170S 139:01.834W
We're here!
26.4.2013, 0730h (1530utc)

That's not really how I had envisioned our arrival - the clouds covered most of the sky so we could hardly see the island coming closer, it was still 3 hours til daylight, and a strong rain started.
Actually, after a relaxed sail in the afternoon, even wing on wing with the main and the genoa, we were looking forward to a last relaxed night sail. But the opposite happened, we came through several squalls and with high gusts, shifting winds, confused seas we had a really bumpy night and we had to use the aid of the engine to keep the boat kind of steady.
In the last hour, the wind slowed down and we let her go as slow as possible so we could approach the anchorage with the first daylight. Which was good, cause it's very tight space here and a bit tricky to anchor - we already drifted twice.

Unfortunately, I got some draft yesterday evening and woke up with a sore throat and a splitting headache, later even fever. Now I'm trying to sleep it through and let the paracetamol and antibiotic work.
Apart from that, it's beautiful here, lovely people, and we're very much looking forward to exploring the islands!

Welcome Marquesas!

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