Punta Dominical, CR - 16.1.2013

Wed 16 Jan 2013 23:12
9:13.767N 83:50.592W
Punta Dominical, CR

We had a lovely week with Jochen and Marie. Though it was her first time on a boat trip and on a saililng boat and she already felt a bit funny after 15min aboard in the anchorage, she's always been thumbs up and smiling. Jochen was a great help and we're looking forward to having him and his friend on board for the 2nd trial run. Definitely looks like we've got great crew for the Pacific crossing. And his love for good food and fishing/spear fishing will insure our food suply!
Sunday (unfortunately, it was a Sunday, when everyone else is off) we went to the Nature Reserve Manuel Antonio and had a nice little hike in the lush jungle, reaching right down to beautiful coves.
On Monady, we dropped our crew off and spent 2 days with good enough internet to get more stuff ordered and organized for the crossing.
Unfortunately,I have been sick the passed two days, with a sore throat and low fever - beats me where I got that...
But getting better slowly. 
Left Quepos around noon and motor sailed very relaxed (i.e. with very light wind) 25nm further South, to Punta Dominical. 
We found that 3 of the other cruisers we had met in El Salvador pulled in here, too, so we'll meet up for a sun downer. Well, the sky has been heavy with thick dark rain clouds following us the hole day, bit rainy now, with the occasional thunder in the distance. 
But still warm - well, hot and humid. 
The water has some ridicolous 33.6 deg Celsius! (almost 93F)! 

Impressive clouds following us South

Some other boats are already there.

Here we are!

Pretty lush shore, even without sun