Sailing Southern Coast of Isla Juventud (eng) 22.4.2011

Fri 22 Apr 2011 23:40
21.33.4783N 82.28.2080W
Cayo Matias, Cayos Canarreos, Cuba

Uff, what a day! We arrived after almost 11 hours sailing against wind and current and waves and are pretty exhausted.
For what could have been about 50nm ended up in almost 70nm since the easterly trade winds were heading us and we tried tacking - with little success in respect to our progress on the route.
So gave in and motored for good two hours snuggly along the coast, avoiding the up to 2 knots current.
Fortunately, we got into the calm protected bay with the last daylight and have a lovely solitary anchorage. Surely great snorkeling here.
Michael's beautiful Williamson' huge plastic squid lure (Angelhaken) caught us an immense grouper (Eberlippfish)) along the way. Fortunately, I started to like fish every now and then, at least when it's very very fresh. Cause now we'll have fish for the next weeks. Which is good, as provisioning in Cuba is rather poor.
Gotta help Michael in the kitchen now (he turned to the fish, I'll help him with the rest.

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