Return to New Zealand - 2 Weeks in the Boatyard (eng)

Mon 14 Apr 2014 11:17



35:43.82S 173:59.65W

01.-14. April 2014

Norsand Boatyard, Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand


Back in New Zealand! After a great Christmas time in Germany, I had joined Michael and Ally in Cape Town, were we spent about 3 and a half wonderful months together.

Ally is in second grade now and it was wonderful sharing holiday and school time with her.

My parents came rather spontaneously for a visit! It was great seeing them so soon again, too.


We've been back to Andromeda for 2 weeks now, and time - as usual - flies by.

We had a lot of work done on her while we were gone, which is still going on. And we are putting in our share in that, also.

We were scheduled to go back into the water this Thursday, but the cyclone that passed Vanuatu and Queensland might hit the Northland Tuesday morning.

Also, we might not finish some of the jobs in time, so probably will stay on the hard til after Easter.

It's not that bad here after all...

Once we are done with the biggest job, we'll do some trips to explore the Northern Island with our car! We boat a very comfortable Toyota Camry, from 2002, for only 2000$. A lot of things are rather expensive here - but cars certainly aren't.


Boatyard romantic -fortunately, we have quite a lovely spot here.

Weird to see her without her mast (in maintenance).

Taking advantage of the nice weather and cleaning out the front lockers. Unfortunately, a little bit late, we realised that the drainage holes are a bit rotten away and water had gotten into the balsa wood - not good... We had them drying out with hair dryer and electrical heaters for a few days - unfortunately the rain came one day too early and we couldn't fix it and have to start all over again.

Andromeda looking weird without mast and the hulls stripped of their antifouling paint and epoxy barrier coat.

Aaron sprayed on three coats of epoxy barrier coat ...

... and then two coats of antifouling. Great technique with this spray thing - if it's not windy. We had bits of little white and black microdust on the deck and even on the car (which we of course had moved a bit away!).

It just looks so beautiful, smooth and shiny, had to put in another pic.


We also had the sides of the hulls painted on the outside (the nice shiny part). I'm trying to improve the looks of the old part a bit with sand paper and buffer.

Michael working on the sail drives. We had the old one on the gear on the starboard hull serviced, as well as both propellers. Michael is preparing them for now paint.

Also nice and shiny, ready to get painted! Gear oil is changed in both sail drives, and tomorrow we'll receive the serviced propellers.

Though most of the time we spend on the boat and some doctors visits, we also had some fun day. A great Maori dance group at a cruisers meeting dinner.

We bought a car to explore at least a little bit of this beautiful place. We'll spend a few more weeks on the Northern Island, while Michael is getting some treatment every two weeks in Auckland.

And with that car we can also drive around the different lovely parks and hiking trails in Whangarei.

It's all very lovely done and wonderful to see some green after days in the boatyard.