Isla Jicaron, PA - 31.1.2013

Fri 1 Feb 2013 00:52
7:17.648N 81:48.388W
Isla Jicaron, PA

The wind only seems to blow from 1 - 5 o'clock - AM, that is...
The last two nights, at Isla Jicaron, we got woken up by the choppy waves caused by the nice wind. Would have been nicer though, if there would have been some during the day, too.
Had a little walk around the absolutely gorgeous island. According to the care takers we met, it belongs to a privat Panamanian person. They alternate with two other guys every three months. A little bit remote, but certainly a beautiful work place. The water is clear and blue, the beaches white and fringed with palm trees. And as many coconuts as your heart or stomach desires. I took the machete ashore to crack a few. Certainly not an easy venture. Have to work a lot more on my strike... It took me almost 3/4 of an hour to open three of them and get the meat out! Michael was happy to use some for his lunch right away. Unfortunately, he got 1 of the 3 pieces that still had just a tiny bit of shell on it - and cracked one of his molars :-( oh dear, part of the tooth and the filling broke out, and we will have to go to Panama City sooner than we had planned.
We do have some tooth emergency kit and a sailor's handbook with advise how to handle the different tooth problems. It describes how to use Express Putty or electrical tape if nothing else is available! Fortunately, we do have some Cavit, which I will try later on my patient.

At noon, we left Is. Montuosa and motored the 26nm to Jicaron. The only eventful happening was quite a big one - Michael caught an approx 24lbs Mahi-Mahi! I was torn between being excited and feeling sorry for that amazingly beautiful fish, fighting the line and for his life. My little consolation is that it also takes other fish's life to eat...
So we'll enjoy fresh fish on the grill tonight.

PS: Just as a reminder for anyone wanting to reach us: We still don't have internet, so can only receive mails via sailmail.

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