So, that's what they call Papagayos...,- Bat Islands, CR - 21.12.2012 - (eng)

Sat 22 Dec 2012 03:38
11:51.83N 85:51.554W
So, that's what they call Papagayos...
Anchored East of Bat Islands, CR
21.12.2012 - (eng)

After 1 week (a week?!?! couldn't believe it, time passes so quickly when having fun) kiting in Bahia Salinas, we set sail this morning.
Wind was blowing again like crazy (18-33 knots) and we were running (mit achterlichem Wind) only with a reefed main up to 9 knots and some considerable waves!
Nice thing about going with the wind, that it's a rather smooth ride.
However, at Cabo Santa Elena, we had to tack to pass by the Bat Islands/Islas Murcielagos and then wanted to head for Ollie's Point (famous surf break).
But the wind was hauling through this passage and we were beating into the wind (hart am Wind). Tried to set a reefed Genoa and broke the barber haul!
So decided not to take any risks and pulled in close to the mainland.
Wind is literally falling down the steep hills. Calm and sweet for a moment, and wild and gusty, jerking Andromeda around the next. Pretty amazing spectacle. Michael tried to check the anchor, but the water is fuuuuulll of jelly fish. arg. But it just hold a 55knot gust, so should be fine for the night.

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