Tulum, Mexico (eng) 4.1.2011

Wed 5 Jan 2011 04:50
20:12.18N, 87:25.76W
4th January 2011, 1200 hrs
Tulum, Mexico

We left Bahia de la Ascension early this morning and had a wonderful smooth sail along the beautiful coast of Mexico. After 25nm, we arrived at Tulum. Fortunately, it was a lot easier to get into the reef as the guide said.
We were very much looking forward to see the ruins of the beautiful old Mayan port center which was still a flourishing city when the Spanish came.
What we didn't know is that it is also a popular vacation spot and this sort of crowded beach gave us a little idea what we'll have to expect in Cancun. However, this beach is about 2 nm long so the crowd has space to spread out and we actually enjoyed a ceviche with a Sol in a nice beach bar.
Before, we tried to enter the archeological site from the sea, which was quite a challenge due to the swell but upon our 5th attempt we finally managed to secure the anchor and swim ashre. Only to be informed by some security on the beach that entering an archeological site by any other means than the cashier and the doors is illegal and we would have to speak to the manager. Fortunately, we only had to pay the entrance fee as a fine(of 5US) before being escorted out - and are even welcome to come back tomorrow.
And we'll surely be, as it is truly beautiful!

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