Position Report - 22.4.2013, 2150h - 530nm to go

Tue 23 Apr 2013 06:44
07:54.798S 130:00.244W
22.4.2013, 2150h
530nm to go

The 4th day without anything breaking! Sooo nice. Jackie did go up the mast to fix the broken block from the broken spinnaker halyard from the other day and fed a new fishing line through the mast, so we can feed the halyard back through the same. But apart from that, we just puttered around with the normal stuff - and the day just went flying bye again...
The first time during the whole trip, we stopped the boat to go for a swim. The water is lovely, amazingly blue, incredible visibility, nice and warm, and no jellys! Hope it will stay like that!
After a very calm sail with mostly only about 5 knots, the wind just came back and now we're doing about 7 over ground again.
Hope to arrive in the Marquesas in about 3 and a half days, hurrrray!

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