Lolo Island, Vava'u Group, Tonga, 24.10.2013

Thu 24 Oct 2013 00:20
18:42.093S 173:55.780W
Lolo Island, Vava'u Group, Tonga

I feel really, really bad. I've been wanting to update our blog with pictures from all the lovely places we've been to over the last months.
But somehow, there never seems to be enough time to fit it into the day!
Somehow, the days just rush by with our exercise and breakfast routine, repairs and various boat projects, some small, some larger, and of course exploring of the places we visit. And with Michael's back not having much change, I also spend considerably more time on the daily chores as pretty much everything causes him pain after just a short period.
Even if there's kiting (which there wasn't since Mopelia, Fr. Polynesia) he only goes for 5-10 min - if at all.

Since it's not so much fun not to be able to enjoy and explore as much as we would like, we are considering taking the next good weather window to make our way down south and hopefully we'll find a good doctor in NZ.
We already have booked our mooring at Whangarei Marina.

There was a great fun charity party the other day at Tapanan Island, with many cruisers we had met briefly along the way during the last months and many more new faces. After a day of recovery (well, my recovery, the king of moderation woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed the next morning; I only felt less bad when I heard that I certainly wasn't the only one with a hangover...).
Anyway, we just moved to Lolo island cause we heard it might be a good spot for kiting at low tide. We'll see!

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