Anchored at Maria de la Gorda (eng) 3.4.2011

Sun 3 Apr 2011 23:07
21.49.3141N 84.29.9158W
Maria La Gorda, Bahia de Corrientes, Peninsula de Guanahacabibes, Cuba

We left in the morning with almost no wind and waves. Andromeda was slowly cruising through the mirror-calm water with 2.5-3.5 knots - causing almost no wake! Great opportunity for a relaxed breakfast in the cockpit. Coming around the Cape wind came up and we had to sail about 13nm Southeast so we could then tack and make our way into the humongous bay "Bahia de los Corrientes". A lot more significant than the little currents we found to be the incredible depths of this bay, until very close to shore.
Just 2nm off the coast, we still didn't get a depth reading. According to our chart, 3/4 off a mile, there is a drop off of 200 feet and 9nm off the coast 2,000 feet! Pretty amazing.

The port captain at Los Morros, Marina Cabo San Antonio had told us we could anchor in front of the little settlement of La Bajada. Unfortunately, just 1nm before arrival, the Guardia Frontera told us off and we had to go about 7nm back to Maria la Gorda. So finally, after 50nm, 9 hours, and a nice and relaxed sail, we dropped anchor. There's a dive station here and we can make the 14km by road to La Bajada to do a little guided (other not allowed) tracking tour. We can even rent a car, but are not allowed to leave the boat unattended.
Which is a pitty, cause we want to go to La Habana for about a week - or even longer, if I can get Michael an operation booked at one of the hospitals for his broken ear. A doctor friend of his recommended this operation, and we really hope we can do it, so we can do diving again together, soon.
Also, the street leads through the famous Sierra Maestra and the beautiful villages of Vinales and Pinar del Rio.
Anyway, the plan is now to stay here for a couple of days and then head to Isla Juventud, where we can leave the boat in a Marina and fly to Havanna.

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