Position Report - 19.4.2013, 1600h, 1029sm to go!

Fri 19 Apr 2013 21:56
07:29.363S 120:54.693W
Position Report
19.4.2013, 1600h
1029sm to go!

Has been a rather quiet night, everybody seems to have been able to catch up with some sleep. Worked on setting up the small symmetrical spinnaker the whole morning. It's made for stronger winds (up to 30kn) and Michael hadn't used it for 5 years.
Now it's up and blowing, very pretty in dark blue and shaped kind of like a big bell.
It's been pretty overcast the last 3 days and we were hoping for some squalls bringing more wind. We did have a few showers, but no wind... Are slowly moving along with well - 4.5 to now 7 knots.
Not tooooo bad after all.
Hope it will stay like this now.
And hope this email will get to the server. With the overcast, I guess, the propagation has been really bad.

However, all is well on board!

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