Isl. Brincanco, Panama (eng) 4. May 2012, 16:00

Fri 4 May 2012 22:26
7:51.945N, 81:47.426W
Isla Brincanco,
Islas Contreras, Panama

Wind didn't come us we hoped. But we had been lucky on the last trips and sailed a lot more than we had hoped for.
Today, we motored almost all of the 17NM. It's overcast, some thunder in the distance, some swell, and pretty hot and humid.
The breeze out on the water was still really nice. And a pair of dolphins accompanied us for quite a while again! We cheer them when they come out of the water, hoping that makes them stay longer. Also, I whistle some melodies to them. Surely pretty out of tune, but they don't seem to mind. In the contrary, I do have the feeling it makes them stay longer. Definitely have to work on my whisteling though. Which reminds me, also have to get out the guitar again and keep practicing.
Michael is also on and off with his Spanish classes. Maybe we can make good use of the rest of the afternoon for those things.

High tide was 2 hours ago. Tomorrow is full moon, then the difference between high and low tide will be 19.7 feet! (5,9m). These tides here still amazes us. We're anchored where supposedly the beach is. Probably about 30 yards (30m) from our stern, and we're still in 55 feet (16.5m) deep water. The water also looks deep and dark and just not as inviting at our previous anchorage with swimming pool appearance. But it must nice and warm: 92 deg Fahrenheit on the surface! And diving is supposed to be spectacular.
But not sure if Michael can make it, his back really hurts again. He took on the repair of the washing machine pump. The good news is that it seems to be working (hurray!!), the bad ones, that it wasn't the best for his back.
Anyway, looking forward to see this place at low tide.
The coast is extremely steep and looks like thick jungle and lots of caves.
We shall see!

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