Kiting at Isla Blanca 18.-22.3.2011 (eng) [pics]

Mon 21 Mar 2011 20:00

21.24.626N 86.47.9329W

North Point of Isla Blanca, Mexico



Lovely solitary beach – but who knows for how long…
We heard from some locals that a Spanish investor wants
to build some hotel complexes here.

But in the meantime, it makes a perfect kiteboarding learning beach. At the point, there is a nice big shallow spot where I can stand in the water and practice dragging. Only downside: the rotting seaweed smells like sewerage L

Still sitting and practising in the water, but soon, I’ll hopefully join Michael cruising along.

Noch’n Sonnenuntergang – sorry, aber ist einfach jeden Tag wieder bezaubernd ;-)