Bahamas - Ragged Island, Hog Cay, Yes, we are Still Here

SV Meshugga
Nicholas & Deidre Mace
Tue 11 May 2021 16:09
A picture says a thousand words.We live on yachts outside of mainstream reality, Our own reality aboard in stunning locations around the world is the Stuff Dreams are Made Of...

Mystie and Will (Boat Buddies), of SV Billy K

John and Tina of SV Monoceros

Alan and Jean, with photobombing son Zack, of MV Nautipussy 11

Another amazing sunset

Zack capturing that sunset above

All out, camera at the ready to capture that elusive Green Flash

No Green Flash, but we got this AMAZING Red Sunset

Tina and me

Dinghies bunched up .... why do they do that.....

John with the setting sun

Next day, back aboard, I am dealing with an infestation of little sugar ants. Having discovered they are nesting in my Herbs, and having tried various methods unsuccessfully, I am now reduced to 24 hour drowning of each potted Herb.

Here you can see my Green Onions being drowned, having done my Chillie Plant and Lemon Grass.

Nicholas is still hard at work on our new Hard Top for our Fly Bridge. Here he is making a frame in wood, as when we ‘flipped’ the Hard Top, to fiberglass the other side, it is a little wobbly, and hence not keeping it’s ‘shape’. Another unplanned delay of which we knew there would be some.

So Devine, we’ve had a family of 6 Tropic Birds arrive and nest a few meters away from Nicholas cave overhang, and we get to see them daily, flying and calling to each other. So Special!
Take Care
Fair Winds
And to all our friends and family around the world,
Get the Vaccine As Soon As You Can, and Wear a Mask