Re: Irma Update

SV Meshugga
Nicholas & Deidre Mace
Sun 10 Sep 2017 15:06
Thanks for the update! Keep safe. 

On 09 Sep 2017 6:28 PM, "Nicholas Mace" <nmace {CHANGE TO AT} nous {DOT} co {DOT} za> wrote:
24:29.08N 83:10.13W
The Noaa update and Gribs show that Irma is not turning northwest/north as predicted, and hence our ‘safe’ anchorage in Dry Tortuga would now be subject to 60 kn constant winds for 12 hours with stronger gusts. At 60 gusting 70/75 we would definitely get some damage.
We  quickly undid our shore line, picked up our anchor and made like Donald.
It’s now 3 hours later and we are heading in a SW direction with 30 knot  Apparent wind, doing 9 kn SOG (speed over ground) with 3 m swells – all downwind sailing, with just the Jib out.
No idea yet if we’ll go all the way to Cancun, Mexico or just a sail  and turn around  once Irma has passed.
All safe aboard, Radar and AIS on, feet up, watching the seascape though our saloon wrap around window.
We’ll keep you informed.