US Virgin Islands - St Croix - Frederiksted, New Year ’s Eve

SV Meshugga
Nicholas & Deidre Mace
Wed 1 Jan 2020 16:19
17:42.91N 64:53.11W

It was then onto the west side of the island to Frederiksted, the second town on the island. What a delight. We are anchored abeam the old Fort, with the long Cruise jetty to our side. Excellent wooden dock for dinghies with bollard to safely chain our dinghy. The Pier Park is delightfully decorated with Christmas trees and lights. The Pier gates open directly into town with the Emancipation Statue and old Town Clock next to the Fort.

Photos from our anchorage

The Pier Park Gates where we get ashore with our dinghy, exiting them we are directly in the middle of town

Stunning Christmas decoration wreaths

Meshugga anchored 100m off the lovely Pier Park

The Pier is at the center of town where everything happens.

The Freedom Statue celebrating Emancipation from Slavery. Blowing on a Conch Shell, brandishing a scabbard/sugarcane chopping knife 

Clock Tower, where every clock on each 4 sides has a different time, not one 

The old Fort Frederick. Interesting but could do with a coat of paint. Cannons still pointing to our anchorage.

Added is the annual Crucian Christmas Festival, with the Festival Park 200m from the Pier Gates. The Festival Park is filled with Fun Fair rides for children, Food Trucks, Bars, and a huge band stand where nightly live music fills the Park with locals. Whether at the Park or aboard Meshugga, we can loudly hear the music and it varies from Pop, Rock, Reggae to Caribbean tunes.

We spent New Year’s Eve in the Festival Park

Late afternoon of New Years Eve, starting with Rum Punches

Children’s Fun Fair, mostly empty at almost midnight, but brightly lit

Caribbean artist Nicole ......, different live acts from 8pm to 2-4am every night.

On our way back to Meshugga through the Pier Park is delightful with Christmas lights

Happy 2020 everyone 

Fireworks still blazing ashore as we dinghied back to Meshugga

Take care

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SV Meshugga
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