SVG Bequia to Grenada

SV Meshugga
Nicholas & Deidre Mace
Sat 8 Jun 2019 19:42
12:0.615N 61:44.282W

We left Bequia sailing south on short day hops through the Grenadines.

Leaving Salt Whistle Bay

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Arriving in Carriacou, where we cleared into Grenadian islands, we discovered that our Starboard engine gearbox seals had given up and we had an engine compartment full of oil. As we had no replacement seals aboard we decided to immediately sail south to Grenada where reportedly we could find services and spares.

Tyrell bay Carriacou

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Bypassing Ronde Island and the active underwater Volcano

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Arriving on the south coast of Grenada we tucked into the cute True Blue Bay and in sheltered waters Nicholas dived to see if he could partially remove the drive shaft so that he could take the Gearbox out. After an hour of work and speculation we decided that it was too tricky and one small error could lead to items being dropped in the water, and possibly water ingress into the boat.

True Blue Bay

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A phone call to Clarkes Court Shipyard at 8.30am had them make space for us and we hauled out on their Travel Lift at 11am.

The HULK Travel Lift

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After hauling Nicholas removed the Gearbox and Palm Tree Marine set about trying to track down the seals in Grenada. They found only 1 of the 3 we required, so we gave them the go-ahead to import from UK.

We spent 10 days on the hard waiting for the seals to arrive, and then fitting them, during which we found many tasks to keep us occupied. Our only stress was the Jenny was arriving to spend 3 weeks with us on Meshugga, and we really did not want her arriving to a boat on the hard. But also knew that if we were still on the hard, Jenny would take it all in her stride.

On the hard at Clarkes Court Shipyard

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Ready to splash

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We splashed at 3 pm on 20th June, and Jenny arrived a few hours later.

Take Care

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SV Meshugga
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