Hello Canada

SV Meshugga
Nicholas & Deidre Mace
Mon 30 Jul 2018 12:18
46:11.80N 82:39.65W

We sailed from Mackinac Island stopping overnight in Sturgeon Bay, Drummond Island, - the last American Island, before crossing into Canada today and clearing in with Immigration and Customs at Blind River.

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Then sailed off to a lovely quiet spot at Nobles Island surrounded by granite islands and tall Douglas Firs.

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JPEG image

This will be the our Northern most stop on our Loop trip.

Summer was all of two weeks over Kieran and Katies wedding, and since then the temperatures have begun to fall, with night time temps in the low single digits and daytime temps in the high teens, and every now and them creeping up over 20. Mornings are thick with fog on the water, and we often hear the lighthouses mourning their deep resonate warning and we’re mostly in jeans, tracksuits, sweaters and jackets. My beanie and cashmere scarf have become my standard boat gear again.

Plans ahead
From here, we will be traveling east and south, and keep a steady pace so that we get through all the Locks before they close down for winter on 10 October, so plan on being through be end September so we have 10 days grace for ‘just in case’. We will spend a few weeks in the North Channel and Georgian Bay here in Canada, then zoom down through Lake Huron and Lake Erie, then slowing down and enjoying the numerous villages on the Erie Canal. Our final Lock is shortly after we enter the Hudson River. Then it down to New York, and then somewhere to get our mast stepped. I’ve not organized that yet, so not sure which shipyard we will go to.