Grand Bay, Canouan, SVG

SV Meshugga
Nicholas & Deidre Mace
Tue 11 Apr 2017 10:20
12:42.37N  61:19.78W

Grand Bay, Canouan Island

A large bay. We chose to anchor close to the Tamarind Hotel. Sad to see a Privilege 61 partially sunk. They had tried to beach their boat without first checking underwater, and hit rocks holing the port hull. They had big underwater pumps pumping out, and divers in the water trying to patch the holes.

Diving on the rocky outcrops on the NW end of the bay at Cor and L’Anse Guyac Points was pretty, mostly with small reef fish. 

Again the local fishermen can round, we we bought a Crayfish from Peter the Fisherman. It was the biggest Crayfish I’ve ever seen. We par-cooked it, mainly to kill it, and then grilled it on the Bbq with garlic and lemon butter - excellent dinner with cold white wine.

My LARGE crayfish