Kieran's vist

SV Meshugga
Nicholas & Deidre Mace
Mon 19 Mar 2018 19:24
Kieran arrived to spend a few days with us. We went across to the Intercostal Waterways to Orange Beach. A big shout out to Pirates Cove, for their exceptional beauty of location and relaxed ambiance. A beach bar/ restaurant, locals welcoming and joining us for drinks and guitar playing into the night….

On Saturday 17 March, St Patricks Day, and Kieran’s 31st birthday, we rented a vehicle and drove to New Orleans - what a place. Vibey and happening with hordes of locals wearing green, drinking green beer, Definitely a spot for the young, Not our favorite place - a bit grimy and smelly - but was good to have seen it, especially the mighty Mississippi River flowing past at aver 8 knots and watching the Tows pushing their barges and negotiating one of the most notorious bends on the Mississippi.

We returned to Fly Creek at Fairhope Yacht Club, to experience the Arts and Crafts Festival, which was huge with over 250 stalls selling excellent quality paintings and craft work, and spent a couple of days readying Meshugga, and enjoying visits with our new friends Jim and Sandi, Jim and Patti, and Tom. Thanks to Tom for introducing us to a great night of live music at the local Bookstore/Bar.