Bahamas - Ragged Islands, Hog Island Valentine’s Day Party

SV Meshugga
Nicholas & Deidre Mace
Sun 16 Feb 2020 13:59
22:14.83N 75:45.13W

We sailed the few miles from Ragged Island to Hog Island and anchored along with about 20 Cruising yachts in the bay with the ‘Hog Island Yacht Club’ on the beach.

Buoy Tree with BBQ Pit

Stunning White cliffs

View from Meshugga across the fleet

Looking froward from Meshugga to the beach and Yacht Club

Cruisers Happy Hour ashore daily @ 4.30pm

A couple of mornings work by all Cruisers lending a hand had the Yacht Club area shipshape with extra awning up, tables laid out.
Maxine from Duncan Town undertook to do a Luncheon, and on Saturday the spread was awesome. Many locals from Duncan Town came to join in the day.

The Valentine’s Party is sponsored by the Tourism Board for Cruisers and Maxine and her friends make all the food for the day. As way of thanks, the Cruisers all chip in $20 each, and the money is donated to the Ragged Island School.

In addition, the Cruisers donate items for a Auction with bidding from the Ragged Island residents being kept low, and when items were not wanted by the locals then Cruisers bid between ourselves for each other’s stuff.
Again, all money raised is donated to the Ragged Island School.

Lively Auction

Michele and Clark from Roam

Take Care 

Deidre Mace
SV Meshugga
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