Varadero, Cuba

SV Meshugga
Nicholas & Deidre Mace
Fri 1 Dec 2017 02:06
We eventually left Key West on Saturday 25 November, after sailing round to Stock Island Marina where they have the best Diesel prices, plus a 6% discount for over 100 gallons (which we needed). So after filling up with Diesel, Gasoline (petrol), Water and washing down the Fly Bridge where Nicholas had been fitting a new Freezer, we were pretty much ready to GO. Strange and getting used to, is that the USA does not do ‘Check Out’ when leaving the country………in fact you don’t need to do anything or tell anyone…….you just Go.

So we WENT……. with a reef in the Main for a slow sail the 90 miles south to Varadero, to do an overnighter.

The night was much as expected with wind against tide, resulting in steep to waves, short choppy seas, and much slamming of waves into the sides of our hulls resulting in difficulty in getting to sleep due to the noise. I ended up not sleeping and staying up all night. The upside is the beautiful night sky. Libra rising, with Mars bright in the pre dawn Sky.

Just before the Sun rise I had a bright light close by which I ‘saw’ as a yacht masthead light. It had me checking the radar and my eyes, not sure of what and who was lying as the boat was not showing up anywhere on our yacht systems, and yet I could see her masthead light………..and then the light got closer… and higher, and I went Oops… that’s a Star. On checking my wonderful Sky/ Star App I have on my iPad, and reading up all the info, I discovered Arcturas, the 4th brightest star in our Galaxy….

Arriving at Varadero at about 10am was easy, and the marina is huge. We spent the day aboard waiting for various officials to come clear us in, as many were not in the local office immediately available being a Sunday. They were all friendly, professional and efficient.

Varadero Lighthouse

Arrival Cocktails at Varadero Marina
We are very happy that the Travel Lift here is as big as reported by Addison Chan of Cuba, Land and Sea, and they are able to Slip Meshugga, being 33’ i.e. 10 m wide. We have a booking for Friday morning for our lift.

We expect a busy working week…..