St Helena to Brazil, Comms at Last

SV Meshugga
Nicholas & Deidre Mace
Mon 6 Feb 2017 14:00
05:41,5S 029:17,8W

We out of the shadow and so should have comms now constantly.
The TracPhone uses a lot of power so only we’ll switch it on every morning for a few hours to download and send mails.

We’ve had good sailing. Some days very light others up to 15 knots. Champagne Sailing all the way !!
We’ve flown the spinnaker most of the time and made good distance as we can go directly downwind to Fernando de Noronha. 
Unfortunately we got a bit blasé, and Sod’s Law, the halyard broke and spinnaker ended up in the sea. We retrieved it, but the tapes are torn and it has some tears in the fabric - so no flying that until we get somewhere with a sailmaker to do repairs.
We’re now using the full Main and full Genoa, and can’t go directly downwind, so sailing off the wind, Gybing once or twice a day, i.e. not sailing a straight course and so it takes longer to get there.
We should get to Fernando tomorrow night / Wednesday morning.
Sea temperature is now 28.8 deg C, and the wind is warm. Would love to swim, but far to dangerous mid ocean to take a dip - you know how Sods Law works…….

We are both fine.