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SV Meshugga
Nicholas & Deidre Mace
Thu 24 Sep 2020 14:44

It’s still Hurricane Season, now in the Peak period.
We are still hiding out in Saint Michaels, not doing much ashore given the high rate of infection in the USA. So we spend 99% of our time aboard, keeping busy.

Nicholas is busy with a new project, making a new steering console and seat. Typical yachting stuff - he thought it’d take a week, and he’s now in week three..... but starting with the installation, so perhaps another week...... or two :-))

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Temperatures have plummeted during the past 2 weeks, going from a constant 36-38 deg C, to below 20 deg C. So it’s jeans, slippers and jumpers for me. And the duvet is back on the bed.

Even with the drop in air temps the water still remains warm, but we are still inundated with Sea Nettle Jelly Fish. Yuk, so still No Swimming.

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I’ve kept busy by doing the mammoth task of updating my Victualing Spreadsheet, which means I Took Stock, ie: counted of every bit of Food, Booze and Cleaning Supplies aboard. Then worked out what we need to ‘Purchase and Stock Up’ on, to see us through to June 2021. Now I’m making up Shopping Lists, vendor applicable, and where possible placing on-line orders.

And finally a Very Happy 60th Birthday to my brother Mark. We hope you had a fabulous week away at your Leisure Bay cottage with family and friends.

Mark and Lu, and my nephews Theo and Max

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Life aboard is good!

Take Care
Wear a Mask

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