Jenny visiting us in Cuba - Trinidad

SV Meshugga
Nicholas & Deidre Mace
Sat 6 Jan 2018 18:55

Jenny arrived on 2 January for a 8 day stay. She taxied to us from the Havana Airport to Meshugga in Trinidad, were we did Trinidad sightseeing (remember I had not done it with Connor and Genne), so it was all new for me and a bit of ‘Kyk Weer’ for Nicholas.

Next day we upped anchor and motor sailed within the reef to Isla Blanco, as it was an island we’d sailed past but outside of the reef with Connor an Genne, and it had looked pretty with beaches and palm trees.  Arriving at Isla Blanco Nicholas was a gem and anchored real close into the island and soon Jenny and I were on the SUPS, wobbling and paddling and wobbling to a sand spit on the one end of the island. Ashore were were in for a treat when we beach combed finding stunning massive fan coral with beautiful pink, purple huge. Jenny collected loads, and successfully brought it back to CT, which she intends making a collage. Amazingly the fan coral traveled well and arrived intact in CT. We also found lots of beautiful shells……

Later back aboard, Nicholas had noted a little jetty and a couple of boats coming and going, so we jumped into the duck and went to explore. Arriving the last boat on the jetty was pulling out and going ashore found a little beach restaurant with wooden tables and chairs, and lounge chairs on the beach. The seemingly only person there came out, and said he was happy to provide lunch and local beer, however only did Lobster and Shrimp…. such is cruising life little gems… at 10 Cuc, whatever combination you might want. It was one of the best meals we had in Cuba. Fresh lobster (which I did not have to cook) and local beer.

FYI, we buy fresh lobster form the fishermen at 2Cuc per lobster, and in town you pay 25Cuc for raw frozen lobster.

Later that day, we upped anchor and sailed to Cayo Largo del Sur, where we spent a few days before flying to Havana for our Jenny tour.